Monday, December 26, 2011

Girls on Girls is now on Youtube!

You can now view all of the Girls on Girls songs on the Girls on Girls Youtube Channel! If you don't want to download anything (or can't) you can still listen to all of the songs for free. Enjoy!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Girls on Girls Free Download!

Get pumped, here we go, it's time to

Directions for Free download.
(In case you don’t do this all the time)

Click the link that says DOWNLOAD GIRLS ON GIRLS FOR FREE.

Click the big green button that says download.

When download finishes find “Girls On” in your download folder and double click on the file.

Folder “Girls on Girls” should appear when the zip file decompresses. If the zip file does not decompress you will need to download software to decompress the file.

The folder will contain 15 MP3’s, “Girls on Girls.jpg” and “GirlsonGirlsAlbumArt.pdf.” Drag the 15 mp3 files into itunes to import them to your library. The album art should be saved to your computer in the folder of your choice to be enjoyed at your leisure.